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Reign Sapphires is the first mine-gate to customer brand to sell direct to consumers, and the first global brand to exclusively market fine jewelry products featuring a specifically colored gemstone - in this case the Australian Sapphire. The Reign Philosophy is to disrupt the market offering of traditional fine jewelry with design innovation, use of social and digital media networks and most importantly, a distinctive attitude.



To present a contemporary collection of fine jewelry featuring Australian Sapphires, designed in Beverly Hills and combining a strong design DNA with chic, unapologetically modern, clean and collectible aesthetic, which will be seen on the arms, hands and ears of Hollywood fashion icons and women of style worldwide.


The deeply rooted ethical values of this brand create the circumstances for ultimate consumer trust and the establishment of a new way to shop and enjoy one of the most prestigious and historically prized precious gemstones, known and valued by royalty and ordinary mankind since the beginning of time.

Reign features only certified, conflict-free natural sapphires mined in Australia from verified sources.
Reign Sapphires are guaranteed natural gems of certified origin, manufactured under guaranteed ethical and sustainable processes, with the only enhancement being heat treatment of color.
The Reign Style underscores strength, power and honor. The name Reign alludes to “royalty” or “blue blood,” but the brand Reign connects the consumer to a new kind of luxury with ease, with meaning, with concern for the environment and through clean, sharp and simple designs.  

T H E   R E I G N   M A N D A T E

From mine-gate to consumer (or “from mine-gate to your jewelry box”); Reign is an aspirational Luxury Brand with accessible moments, serving a modern consumer with clean, timeless, classic styles for day, night, and red carpet.

The Reign Woman is confident; she is regal in jeans, and evidently rebellious in a designer gown. She is adventurous, unapologetic about her style and identity. She is conscious, engaged, witty and smart. She Reigns from Australia to Beverly Hills, with strength and personality, at any age, of any creed, at any given moment.


Reign’s core values are to offer global consumers conflict-free, natural sapphires (mined, not synthetic) at great value, that are mined only from verified sources; high quality sapphires that have been procured directly from certified miners; sapphires that are ethically processed with respect for the environment, for the miners engaged in prospection, for the local peoples directly affected by the gem trade, and for the consumer.


Reign Sapphires and Reign Jewelry are deeply committed to creating a clean supply chain for Australian Sapphires, safely presenting the consumer with ethically sourced gems and sustainably manufactured jewelry.