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Reign Sapphires is a Reign Sapphire Corporation company.

Reign Sapphire Corporation based in Beverly Hills, California, was established as a “miners-gate to retail” model for sapphires - rough sapphires to finished jewelry; a color gemstone brand; and a jewelry brand featuring Australian sapphires. Founded on the concept of focusing in on a singular gemstone, while maintaining an ethically produced process.

Reign Sapphire Corporation (OTCQB: RGNP) is a fully reporting DTC eligible public company, Joseph Segelman is the founder and CEO.

Reign Sapphire Corporation Advisory Board members include; Andera Hansen, Immediate International Past-President and Board Member Woman's Jewelery Association and managing Partner of LUXEINTELLIGENCE, a Brand Intelligence & Business Development company. Douglas D. Cole, Partner of Objective Equity LLC., and Jeremy Avitan, CPA, Chief Financial and Compliance Officer at Baker Street Capital.